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Welcome to my web site!

My Home Page is primarily dedicated to the art of Amateur Spectroscopy  with a touch of CCD imaging for fun.

Stay tuned: Building a new observatory in Marcellus MI.



Society for Astronomical Sciences 

Registered Domain Name: MAIS-CCD-SPECTROSCOPY.COM.  

Sorry about the change in web address

New papers and presentations  under Photometry page

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This page was last updated on 12/01/11.

This was my roll-off Observatory, nestled in our Orange grove in northeastern San Diego County.

Only 12 miles, as the crow flies, to Mount Palomar and the Hale telescope,  my site benefits

from the great seeing of Mount Palomar-reasonably dark skies, 2000 ft. altitude, clear dry 

climate and very steady skies. I lived here for nearly 17 years but now live in Marcellus Michigan


Spectral Synthesis for Quantitative Analysis. Read paper on  Spectral Synthesis

Coming soon: more details on:  spectral synthesis, results from initial efforts using SGS higher resolution grationgs

New:  Long Period variable photometry on the way! See this link for paper: Mira's

New:  Amateur Spectroscopy: Those peculiar C and S Type Stars

New:  Amateur Spectroscopy: Qualitative Analysis using Spectral Synthesis


Please send comments and thoughts to Dale Mais.


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